Dog training is our passion. We specialize in teaching your dog to focus on you around high distractions, while maintaining control of your dog on and off leash. Our variety of programs address basic and advanced obedience, aggression, submissive tendencies, low confidence, house breaking, and unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, bolting out doors, counter surfing, jumping, and play biting.

Dogs learn better being trained in a home environment and working around real life situations. This is why all of our board and train programs are based at our in-home facility. We are able to incorporate real life distractions in a realistic environment, at rate that is best suited to your dog. While staying with us, your dog will be treated like family. Our team is dedicated to a healthy learning environment with proper socialization and excellent care that is tailored specifically to each dog we get in for training. Let us help you achieve all of your training goals, so that you can enjoy life to the fullest with your dog.