We decided to take our German Shepherd, Ray to Marcum K9 Obedience after he ran after a stray dog one morning. I was so fearful of what could have happened. We met with Allison on a Saturday afternoon and decided to do the 15 day board and train. We dropped him off the following Tuesday. I was so scared and sad to leave my best friend but also confident I was doing the right thing. They sent me daily updates via text messages and videos. I saw immediate improvement but again was fearful that I would not be able to continue once he came home. On his 1st birthday, 15 days after dropping him off we went for our training and pick up. I’m pretty sure the humans are the hardest to train. Allison told us his anxiety and aggression was fear and lack of confidence mostly. We took him home and gave him lots of hugs!!! Every day the rest of the week I worked him on the commands she taught us. He had his little issues (or were they mine) but he did amazing!! The first weekend we had to spend more time with him we took him to the park and to a couple drive through lines around other people and animals. He did amazing. He still started to show aggression but was easily brought back to being able to focus on me and not the distractions. We cannot say enough things about Marcum K9 Obedience. The team they have both human and non are amazing. We are looking forward to our continued learning with them in the future. I will forever be grateful for giving me and Raymond the confidence to be our best!!!!



I cannot thank the ladies at Marcum K9 enough. Because of their work with our sweet boy Gil, we were able to keep our little family intact! Gil was an anxious wreck when we brought our infant son home for the first time. He would jump, whine, bark and stop listening to all commands because of his nervous state. We couldn't have our son and our dog in the same room for fear of Gil accidentally hurting the baby while he was showing so much excited energy. After a 5 day board and train, Gil came back to us a changed dog! He is more confident and listens SO well, no matter what the distraction is. He is calm and allows us to be in control (something we have struggled with since he was a baby!). I cannot thank Marcum K9 (esepecially Tara!) enough for the work they did with our precious boy and with us. Our family is complete!



Our new puppy Bailey is 4 months old and was quite a handful! She would chew on our pants and shoes when we tried walking around, she wouldn’t quite understand how to tell us when she needed to go outside and I was starting to not like our new puppy at all. 

We’ve known Allison for years and she had always trained our GSD (Bailey is our third). We wouldn’t take our dogs anywhere else to be trained. 

Libby trained Bailey for the 5 day board and train and Bailey came back a completely different dog. She is much more calm, no more biting and she is more attentive to us than using us for play toys. She no longer tugs on her leash and is much more enjoyable to take on walks. Libby and Allison saved our relationship with our new puppy. Thank you so much!!! These photos were taken just two days after we got bailey back from training.

ruby_zeke (1).jpg


After our 2527292nd trip to the dog park, just feeling grateful for my, now, well behaved pooches. When we first got Zeke, he was food possessive and (tried to) boss Ruby around. We had to keep a close eye on them or they would get into fights. He also barked a ridiculous amount after being put in his crate. We ALMOST got rid of him because it wasn’t peaceful for anybody. Especially when we already had a beagle who wouldn’t listen and chewed everything she saw. 

We now have 2 dogs who get along, can be let out of the house without a leash (supervised.. they get distracted. But it’s all good, because they come when asked now too 😉), stay in their “place” which allows us to eat in peace and welcome guest into our home without being ambushed, and all together listen. 

They have their moments of stubbornness and chewing things they aren’t supposed to still, but they are puppies. Forever grateful!